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By Linotype

Hermann Zapf

Designed by Hermann Zapf in 1952 and originally released by the Stempel foundry of Germany, Melior® is a text typeface that distinguishes itself through its strong squared serifs.

Designer, Hermann Zapf, aimed to create a typeface that was suitable for use in newspaper columns or short publications. The Melior font family’s strong and sturdy letterforms give the typeface a formal look while aiding readability. The resulting design excels in text sizes and is an ideal choice for newspapers and more formal documents.

The characters feature a noticeable difference in stroke widths. This contrast further enhances the design’s readability. Other characteristics include heavy dropped serifs on the horizontal tails characters like the uppercase Z and T. One quirk of this typeface is that the uppercase “A” has no serif at the apex, unlike the M and N.

The uppercase Melior font family is fairly wide with Zapf basing his open characters like the “O” on a squared-off ellipse. It is postulated that Kapf took this idea about form from Piet Hein, a prominent scientist, mathematician and poet from Denmark. Piet suggested that the squared off ellipse – described mathematically as a super-ellipsoid - might be the ideal shape for design applications and went about promoting its qualities through his work.

The Melior typeface is particularly suitable for newspaper columns and magazines. The uppercase of the Melior font family works well in circumstances where a feeling of authority needs to be conveyed.