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Neue Helvetica® Armenian

By Linotype

Based on Neue Helvetica®, the Neue Helvetica Armenian suite of typefaces perfectly integrates the original design's weights, proportions, curves and spacing within Armenian language characters. The Armenian branch of the Neue Helvetica family has 9 weights, ranging from ultra light to black - each with a complementary italic counterpart. The Neue Helvetica Armenian fonts enable setting text and display copy in print and on screen for the nearly 6 million speakers of the Armenian language. This includes people in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh and also Armenian speakers in Russia, Georgia, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and the USA.

In addition to Armenian, the Neue Helvetica design includes additional rich language support capabilities. All weights are available in Central European versions, supporting the languages of Central and Eastern Europe as well as thirty-four Cyrillic versions and a specially-designed Hebrew Helvetica is available in an OpenType character set. There are also Arabic, Thai and Georgian versions of the Neue Helvetica design.

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