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Quitador™ Sans

By Linotype

Arne Freytag
The Quitador™ Sans family is a fresh and distinctive design with roots that go back to the original Quitador typeface. Like its slab serif relative, the Quitador Sans suite of typefaces is large with several weights of roman and italic designs, making it excellent choice for a wide variety of print and on-screen projects.

“A strict categorization of Quitador Sans is difficult,” says its designer Arne Freytag. “My goal was to develop a sans serif interpretation of the Quitador that is somewhere between pure geometric and humanistic styles.”

Where Quitador began as pencil sketches that were refined on-screen, according to Freytag, “I designed Quitador Sans purely on the computer because I already had a strong digital foundation in Quitador to build on.”

Born in Hamburg in 1967, Freytag won a scholarship in 1995 to study graphic design at the Kunstschule Alsterdamm school of art in Hamburg. As a postgraduate in 1998, he followed his dream and attended the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique. Freytag is a writer, with articles in Tipografica, étapes and Typografische Monatsblätter. When he is not designing typefaces, Freytag works as a freelance typographic and graphic designer.

The Quitador Sans family is inviting, commanding and highly legible. Its seven roman weights and corresponding italic designs provide a range of fonts that perform well in a variety of hardcopy and digital environments. Characters have square shoulders, ensuring even spacing, and large counters, guaranteeing high levels of legibility. Quitador Sans’ squared sides, rounded shoulders and cursive italic traits give the design a crisp and airy quality in the lighter weights and an animated hardy demeanor in the bold designs. Its squared characters shapes also take maxim advantage of pixel real estate, while a captivating tension is brought into the design where counter strokes meet vertical stems. The a, g and n in the bolder weights are illustrations of how Freytag infuses more animation as family weights increase. And, of course, Quitador Sans has the distinctive Q tail that has become a trademark of the family.

The Quitador Sans family provides yeoman service in a variety of print environments and, thanks to its robust design, is also exceptionally legible in both large and small sizes on digital screens. The design’s humanist characteristics are seen most readily in the lighter styles and italics. “Like its slab serif counterpart, I would describe Quitador Sans as dependable and self-assured,” says Freytag. “Quitador Sans it’s well-equipped,” he continues. “It can be used anywhere, in small text and headlines in print, or in a variety of digital environments. It is also suited to applications like mobile phones, tablets and e-books.”

The Quitador Sans family is available as OpenType® Pro fonts with an extended character set supporting most Central European and many Eastern European languages. Pro Fonts also allow for the automatic insertion of ligatures and fractions.

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