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By Linotype

Arne Freytag

The Quitador™ family, designed by Arne Freytag, is a fresh, distinctive interpretation of a powerful 19th century type style. With its squared sides, rounded shoulders and cursive italic traits, this slab serif design has a crisp and airy quality in the lighter weights and a soft yet hearty demeanor in the bolder weights.

“I believe that there is still some room for discovery in the area of slab serifs,” says Freytag. “A strict classifying of Quitador is difficult. I pursued my own interpretation of square serif designs, to develop a family that is somewhere between pure geometric and humanistic styles – a design that borrows from both.”

“I became interested in the intricacies of typeface design while studying graphic design,” says Freytag. “Before that, I was only subconsciously aware of the subtle differences between various typefaces.” Freytag’s aha moment came shortly before he undertook work on his master’s degree. “The turning point was when I saw a poster designed by André Baldinger for the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique in Paris. I thought, ‘That’s where I want to go.’”

For Quitador, Freytag recalls, “The cap Q was the first letter I drew. The tail has rounded terminals and does not touch the base character.” Freytag took this stylistic construct and applied it to the connecting strokes of various characters’ bowls. “This gives the letters more distinction at larger sizes,” says Freytag. Quitador’s square shoulders help to ensure even spacing and serve to enlarge the counters, both of which enhance legibility.

The Quitador family performs remarkably in a broad range of print environments and, thanks to its robustness, is also exceptionally legible in large and small sizes on digital screens. The family’s humanist characteristics are seen most readily in the lighter styles and italics. “I would describe it as a trustworthy, reliable and confident design,” says Freytag. The Quitador family is available as OpenType® Pro fonts allowing for the automatic insertion of ligatures and fractions. Pro fonts also include an extended character set supporting most Central European and many Eastern European languages.

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