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Univers® Next Variable

By Linotype

Univers Next Variable Set is a single font file that features three axes: Weight, Width and Italic. The Weight axis has a range from Light to Extra Black. The Width axis provides a range of condensed and extended values. The Italic axis is a switch between upright and italic.

Variable fonts act as a complete family of fonts in a single file. The new Variation font feature is supported by a growing number of desktop design applications, and more importantly by all the major web browsers. Variable fonts provide a variety of benefits to web and print designers and developers including flexible, responsive typography.

Univers Next is the latest update to the classic Swiss-inspired typeface family originally designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1957. Univers Next features a comprehensive design system covering a wide range of weights and widths. With its sturdy, clean forms it has a cool elegance and rational competence. This makes Univers Next a very versatile typeface family, with humanist letterforms that work well at all sizes.

Grotesque Sans
Sans Serif