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Frank Ruhl1924 MF™

By MasterFont

Rafael Frank

The most common Hebrew typeface, based on Sefaradic tradition, used in most newspapers and publications. The main Hebrew typeface of the 20th century, designed in 1908 and was published by Berthold in 1924.

OpenType Pro

Excellent support for Niqqud (Vowels). All marks are programmed to fit each glyph's shape and width. OpenType Pro includes new advanced features like Dagesh Hazak, ShevaNa, Qamatz Katan, Holam Haser and wide letters.

Best used with Adobe InDesign CC that support complex Hebrew text.

Please check these advanced features in this link:

Font files were re-generated to get better online screen display, as well as refined OpenType features as kerning glyph substitution.

Old Style Serif