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Chaotic Neutral

By Missy Meyer

Missy Meyer
Missy Meyer
I'm letting my inner nerd show through on this one: "Chaotic Neutral" is a Dungeons & Dragons thing. But the name applies to this font, too! Chaotic: This font has all sorts of built-in irregularities. Some variation in letter heights and letter widths, and the stroke widths are all over the place. It's all about the hand-written messiness. Neutral: And yet! I've smoothed the strokes a bit, and gone for as few nodes on each letter as I can (while still keeping a bit of roughness), so this font can be used for any kind of purpose -- not just print, but cutting out as well! Chaotic Neutral also comes with over 300 extended Latin characters for language support, and is fully PUA-encoded for easy access no matter what program you're using.