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By Monotype

Ong Chong Wah

The Abadi® font family, released in 1988, is a sans serif developed by Malaysia-born designer Ong Chong Wah. Although sometimes classified as humanist, it is generally considered a blend of both humanist and neo-grotesque sans serifs.

Developed at Monotype, the Abadi design finds its inspiration in both the humanist sans serif Gill Sans font family and the classic Helvetica font family, commonly known for its iconic straight lines. The Abadi design is characterized by a generous x-height. It has a wide range of weights and widths. The italic weight is notably unique and stands on its own, even though it’s based on the roman.

The Abadi design’s sizable x-height gives many of its curved shapes an inflated look. The ‘B’ capital is characterized by a distinctly oversized bottom bowl. The font features an unusual amount of tapering between wide and thin strokes. The lowercase ‘g’ is also a standout- its tail follows exactly the same arc of the bowl. It is an extremely legible font with good readability even at low point sizes.

Identifont: Abadi
Linotype: Ong Chong Wah

Abadi has many diverse applications, thanks to its range of widths and weights, and can be used for anything from text in newspapers or magazines to display jobs in advertising.

Humanistic Sans
Sans Serif
#31 in Best Sellers