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By Monotype

Jim Ford

The four flavors of the Alfie™ typeface family can be combined into a delicious concoction – or each can stand on its own as a delightful display design. While drawn in a classic greeting card style of lettering, Alfie is also comfortable in packaging, brochures, posters and cover art. If used at large sizes, it’s even happy in web pages and blog posts.

Jim Ford drew from pages of calligraphic practice, to create Alfie. He had been given a brush pen and filled several pages in a notebook, learning to master it. At one point, Ford looked at the hundreds of letters he had drawn and realized that there might be a typeface among them. As it turned out, there were four.

The result is a new spin on a font family. The four designs are clearly all related, but each has its own distinct personality. Alfie Script is a charming swashy design with a connecting lowercase. Alfie Casual forgoes the fancy caps and replaces the connecting lowercase with a free-standing variety. Alfie Informal is a little more edgy, and sports jaunty serifs. The Alfie Small Caps font swaps out the lowercase of Alfie Casual for a collection of small cap letters. “The designs share a single typographic color, but have distinct personalities,” Ford explains.

Because they share the same family roots, the various versions of the Alfie family can be paired and intermixed to create a typographic medley. Named after the family dog with a floppy ear, there’s a hint of Emil Klumpp’s 1950s Murray Hill typeface in the Alfie family. It’s just enough to pay homage to Klumpp – and give the family a 50s vibe.

Ford has designed custom typefaces for agencies, corporations, publishers, software and hardware manufacturers, video games, hand held devices – you name it! In addition to customer-driven work, He also has a wealth of original typeface designs, ranging from traditional text faces to innovative display lettering – like Alfie.