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Amasis™ eText

By Monotype

Ron Carpenter

A clear and enjoyable reading experience hinges on the legibility of text copy, especially when reading on screen. This is why Monotype has developed the eText collection of fonts specifically tailored for the text-heavy display environments of e-readers, tablets, mobile devices, and the Web.

A suite of the most important typefaces for textual content — including the Neue Helvetica, ITC Galliard and Monotype Baskerville — these designs have been designed and optimized by Monotype’s experts to enhance the reading experience at the smaller point sizes that contemporary Web and device environments demand. 

Monotype typeface designers worked to impart a richer contrast, an even color, and slightly taller lowercase characters, all while ensuring that the typefaces appear as unmistakable cousins of their original print designs. The designs also include small caps and old style figures for professional-quality publishing design. 

And because the eText typefaces' forerunners are among the world's most popular and important text typefaces for print media, you now have the flexibility of extending your designs to an additional gamut of digital environments. 

All typefaces in the collection have been hand-hinted to display as clearly as possible across mobile devices from smartphones to tablets and e-readers. The fonts can be used with Monotype’s Edge™ tuning technology, enabling publishers to create and deliver high-quality, readable text across various platforms, formats and devices, including E Ink® screens. The fonts look and perform best with devices that use Monotype’s iType® font engine.

The eText collection is available here for online use through subscriptions to the Web Fonts service. To learn how to license the new eText collection for use in devices, click here to contact us.

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