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By Monotype

Ron Carpenter
Amasis is a slab serif design which has been drawn with a humanist approach, rather than the traditional geometric construction associated with this style of letter. The result is a typeface that has an affinity with the Ionics, although in character it belongs to the latter decades of the twentieth century. The Amasis italic fonts, rather than being sloped roman or cursive in nature, are related more to the Old Style italics. Amasis works particularly well in small sizes where readability is important. Amasis has proved excellent for use on low resolution printers and for facsimile transmissions.

The Amasis design is unique because as a slab serif design, it was drawn with a humanist approach, rather than the more traditional geometric construction usually associated with slab serifs.

Although the Amasis design initially appears to be influenced by the Ionics, its design approach is firmly rooted in the latter decades of the twentieth century. It works particularly well at small point sizes, and has also proven to be excellent for use on low resolution printers and other output deveces.

As for the name: one can only presume that because of its industrial nature and classification (under Thibaudeau) as one of the Égiptiennes, Carpenter chose a corresponding Pharaoh appellation to complement his new typeface.

The Amasis design is a highly legible font, even at very small point sizes. Its slab-like serifs help define the outline of the font and allow the reader to focus on the text properly. As a result, the Amasis design is the choice of popular eReader devices, including the Nook®. A number of different typefaces were considered for the Nook – but ultimately, Amasis won the default spot, placing Carpenter’s creation in front of potentially millions the world over.

The Amasis font family has also become increasingly popular for use in web design, as it renders extremely well on screen. A good example can be seen at the Tablespoon website – particularly in the “Recipes” drop down menu, as well as the main navigation bar at the top.

The Amasis design also lends itself well to logo creation. One instance of this can be seen in the Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt logo.

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