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By Monotype

Rob Leuschke

Rob Leuschke's Angeletta typeface is based on three decades of the designer's lettering experience. It taps into the nostalgia for pen and ink, and captures the spontaneity and energy of handwriting.

“In the font you'll find places where you have lines crossing one another, and creating globs of ink that almost spill into the next stroke,” says the designer.

The semi-connecting script's quickly drawn loops and dashes are classic of hand-lettered forms, and work well on packaging, using sparingly in branding – perhaps in partnership with a sans serif face – and on social expression. It also includes an exuberantly flourished titling version.

The Angeletta typeface is a calligraphic script designed by Robert E. Leuschke exclusively for Monotype. It is available in OpenType OTF and TTF fonts formats. Angeletta has 900 glyphs with OpenType typographic features like contextual and stylistic alternatives, swashes, ligatures and fractions.