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CG Triumvirate™

By Monotype

CG Triumvirate Heavy
CG Triumvirate was designed for use on the Compugraphic phototypesetting system. The CG Triumvirate font family is very similar to Helvetica, and is an ideal font choice for text and display use.

Compugraphic Corporation developed the CG Triumvirate typeface family in the mid 1970s. This was done at time when fonts were proprietary to typesetting equipment and manufactures of these machines felt (rightfully) that typefaces were important to sales. As a result, every typesetting equipment manufacturer developed functional equivalents of important typefaces in their competitors’ offering. Triumvirate was drawn as a functional equivalent to Helvetica.

While not an exact copy, CG Triumvirate is very close in design to the Helvetica typestyle, and can be used in as wide a range of typographic applications. However, since Helvetica is available from a variety of sources and the design and functionality of the family has been improved over the years, the most important use of CG Triumvirate is to maintain compatibility with previous work set in the face.