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Citadel Script™

By Monotype

The Citadel Script’ typeface is a decorative formal calligraphy script that looks very much like handwriting. Its curvy letters and elegant characters make it an ideal choice for typesetting tasks like creating formal invitations and announcements, among other things. Citadel Script has similar lowercase letters when compared to Citadel’, Florentine Script’, Old Fashion Script’, and Flemish Script’, but has uniquely flourished uppercase characters. This font family is available in five styles and a variety of widths and weights.

Script fonts like Citadel Script have found a broad range of uses in modern times, although they are based on classic calligraphy. Script fonts can be classified as formal or casual. Citadel Script is formal. Most formal scripts like Citadel Script are based on the beautiful lettering and letter-forms of writing masters of the 1600s and 1700s, such as George Shelley, George Snell, and George Bickham. Originally, the letterforms were crafted by the metal nib of a pen or, even earlier, a quill. Either device is useful in creating thick strokes as well as fine stokes.

Most of the typefaces based on the formal style of calligraphy appeared during the latter half of the 1700s up to the first half of the 1800s. Modern revivals of formal script typefaces or calligraphy typefaces are quite the norm, and are used most frequently for the production of formal invitations or for the letter on diplomas or degrees that require an eloquent, affluent and elevated look. Commercially, the Citadel Script font family can be widely applied in logos, advertising, typed designs, posters, and graphic design. Citadel Script has been used in movie titles, book covers, ads, announcements, and much more.

Formal Script
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