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Didonesque Stencil™

By Monotype

Paulo Goode
Less is More. This stencilled version takes away some of Didonesque’s structure while adding another level of distinguished style and supreme elegance. The Elegante fonts epitomise the style required for high-end fashion and beauty applications with their crisp curves combined with tapered serifs and terminals – instantly creating a polished and fashionable aesthetic. Didonesque Stencil was designed for large display purposes, branding, corporate identities, headlines, advertising, wedding invitations and the like. Of particular note are the minimal ball terminals which are available by activating Stylistic Set 2 – they’re perfect for adding that extra bit of magic to your typographic designs. Key Features: • 4 Stencil weights in Roman and Italic styles • 4 Stencil Elegante weights in Roman and Italic styles • 4 weights in Condensed style • Small Caps, Petite Caps, Alternates, Ligatures and Contextual Alternates • Full European character set (Latin only) • 780 glyphs per font.