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By Monotype

Paulo Goode
Say hello to Didonesque – inspired by classic Didone typefaces that are synonymous with luxury brands, it is a highly versatile and elegantly stylish font family. It is inherently a display typeface and therefore ideal for headlines, logotype, branding and short runs of text. See more examples at this font’s microsite – Distinguishing features include a higher x-height with shorter ascenders and descenders than traditional Didone typefaces, there are slight curvatures within the /v/w/y/ characters helping to give Didonesque a distinctive style. Also included are small caps and petite caps with full European diacritics, you can mix and match the petite caps with regular lowercase glyphs to create interesting unicase-style typography.

Key features:

• 4 weights in Roman and Italic styles • Poster & Display styles in roman and italic • 4 weights in Condensed style • Small Caps, Petite Caps, Alternates, Ligatures and Contextual Alternates • Full European character set • 750 glyphs per font.