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DIN® Next

By Monotype

Sabina Chipara stripped DIN Next back to its basic elements and re-clothed it, for this¶playful spin on the sturdy sans serif. DIN Next Shapes embodies all the same industrial¶character and reliable legibility as the original, but with a totally different tone of voice –¶perfect for designers that want a more expressive version of DIN Next.

¶Available in four fonts – Light, Light Flakes, Light Hearts and Light Stars – Chipara's¶design adds some extra embroidery to a strictly industrial design. DIN Next Shapes retains¶the legibility and instancy of DIN Next – which draws on a lengthy history of industrial¶usage – but adds greater versatility.

¶“DIN Next is obviously mechanically drawn, so the voice is very solid, but with DIN Next¶Shapes its rigid structure becomes much more playful in a way, so it could be used for very¶different purposes,” says Chipara.

¶The typeface fits a wide range of uses, and is particularly suitable for branding. It can work¶as a complimentary counterpart for DIN Next in environments where designers need to¶add playfulness, and would also lend itself to logos or identities. It even opens itself up to¶experimentation, perhaps in moving image or used interchangeably with DIN Next.

¶DIN Next Shapes offers pan European language support, including Greek and Cyrillic, and¶offers OpenType features including stylistic alternatives, ligatures and fractions.

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