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By Monotype

Think thirties retro with a sense of humor, and you’re in Dreamland: a fun and funky typeface from Jim Parkinson. Dreamland’s irreverent personality and profound weight make it perfect for headlines and display copy.

Dreamland grew out of Parkinson’s interest in the top-heavy showcard lettering styles of the early to mid-twentieth century. “There were a large variety of these styles from designers like Ross George (the Speedball lettering wizard), Samuel Welo of Chicago and Cecil Wade in England,” says Parkinson. “My first top-heavy showcard font was all caps and a little conservative. Dreamland has a lowercase and is less restrained.” As for the name Dreamland: it’s an a.k.a. for Area 51 in Nevada, where UFO believers suspect aliens (or their remains) may be held by the government.