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Hesse Antiqua™

By Monotype

Hesse Antiqua is the very first typeface designed by Gudrun Zapf von Hesse. It was a pioneering project originally created by her over 70 years ago as a set of brass punches to stamp into leather book covers and spines at the Bauer Type Foundry in Germany.

In celebration of her 100th birthday on 2 January 2018, Ferdinand Ulrich and the Monotype Studio team collaborated with her to bring her brass punches to live as a digital font.

Hesse Antiqua was developed with careful considerations and decisions to capture the nuance of the beautiful letterforms as they originally appeared in gold and blind stampings.

We are pleased to introduce this modern OpenType typeface featuring a proper set of capitals and small capitals, figures, punctuation and some ornaments as well. Hesse Antiqua is best used at 36 points and above, as the designer intended.

Sans Serif
Humanistic Sans