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By Monotype

Paulo Goode

Hierophant is a humanist serif type family that has the heritage of classic Old Style and Transitional type while having the crisp lines and functionality of contemporary fonts. Its defining features include a high-contrast combined with diagonal stress, along with pinched stems and horizontals. This gives Hierophant a distinctive hand-drawn feel which also reflects the strong influence of the work of 16th century calligrapher Giovanni Francesco Cresci upon this family.

OpenType features include stylistic sets of alternate glyphs – the first of which contains ornate teardrop serifs and ball terminals (ss01). This style dramatically changes the look of your typography and is ideally suited for short runs of text, headlines and branding purposes. Swash alternates for certain glyphs are available via Stylistic Sets 2 and 3.

Other useful features include Small Caps at the click of a button, and Old Style Figures are an option to the default proportional figure style.

There are 14 fonts altogether over 7 weights in roman and italic, you can also avail of two variable fonts which allow you to fine tune the weight to your exact liking. Hierophant has an extensive character set (1000+ glyphs) that covers every Latin European language.

Key features:

  • 7 weights in both roman and italic
  • 112 Alternates
  • Small Caps
  • Variable fonts included with full family
  • Full European character set (Latin only)
  • 1000+ glyphs per font.
Old Style Serif