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Kairos® Sans

By Monotype

Terrance Weinzierl

The Kairos™ Sans family melds 19th century wood type design traits from fonts called Grecians with current-as-today sans serif letterforms. The distinctive octagonal corners of the original design are still there, but Kairos Sans has been streamlined through the sensitive shaving of its serifs.

Drawn by Terrance Weinzierl to complement this Kairos family, Kairos Sans provides a natural counterpoint sans serif design and stands on its own as a powerful communication tool for everything from two-foot high display copy to the smallest sizes of text content.

“I had experimented with the style as far back as 2011” explains Weinzierl, “but did not work on a completed design until shortly after I was involved in two different custom projects that called for octagonal designs like Kairos. I wanted to expand on the ideas I had in working on in the prototypes and the custom faces, and develop a fully equipped family.”

Terrance Weinzierl is a type designer at Monotype, and has been exclusively designing typefaces since 2008. His focused at Monotype is on custom design projects for branding and user interfaces. As part of his portfolio, he has worked on fonts for Microsoft, Google, and Barnes & Noble, as well as various design firms, advertising agencies, and publishers. Weinzierl contributed to the Segoe® user interface and has drawn a handful of revival typefaces, such as the Romany™, JMC Engraver™ and Feldman Engraver™ designs.

Kairos Sans is available in 48 styles: 8 weights in three widths, all with matching italics. In addition to a full Latin character set that support most Eastern and Western European languages, it also has the necessary characters to support Greek and Cyrillic scripts. It also has OpenType® features such as small capitals, proportional and tabular figures, superscript and subscript figures, support for fractions, ornaments, arrows and stylistic alternates. Because it’s so square, Kairos Sans fits easily fit in a pixel grid and performs well on screen. Kairos Sans is available in 48 styles: 8 weights in three widths, all with matching italics. Proportions range from condensed to regular and extended – and weights from thin to black. Additionally, the family has 7 display designs: 3 layered and 4 “rough.”

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