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Get unlimited access to The Foundation Collection and over 2,200 other families for only 9.99/month.

The Monotype Library Subscription is a smart new way to work with fonts. With the world’s largest library of best-selling type,
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Try this font now! Use the controls below to customize your text string and its appearance.

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Try this font now! Use the controls below to customize your text string and its appearance.

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  • aalt
  • case
  • dnom
  • frac
  • liga
  • lnum
  • locl
  • numr
  • onum
  • ordn
  • pnum
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  • sups
  • tnum
  • swsh
  • c2sc
  • smcp
  • salt
  • hist
  • subs
  • dpng
  • ornm
  • dlig
  • mgrk
  • ss01
  • zero
  • ss02
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  • ss04
  • ss05
  • ss06
  • ss07
  • ss08
  • ss09
  • init
  • fina
  • ss10
  • cpsp
  • kern
  • mark

Current Product Technical Details

Format: OpenType (CFF)
Product ID:MTLFC
Material Number:147127028
Technical Name(s):
File Name(s):AkkoPro-Bold.otf, AkkoPro-BoldItalic.otf, AkkoPro-Italic.otf, AkkoPro-Regular.otf, AshleyInlineMTStd.otf, AvenirNextLTPro-Bold.otf, AvenirNextLTPro-BoldIt.otf, AvenirNextLTPro-Medium.otf, AvenirNextLTPro-MediumIt.otf, AyitaPro.otf, AyitaPro-Bold.otf, AyitaPro-BoldItalic.otf, AyitaPro-Italic.otf, BaskervilleMTStd-Bold.otf, BaskervilleMTStd-BoldIt.otf, BaskervilleMTStd-Italic.otf, BaskervilleMTStd-Regular.otf, BodoniLTPro.otf, BodoniLTPro-Bold.otf, BodoniLTPro-BoldItalic.otf, BodoniLTPro-Italic.otf, BodoniStd-Poster.otf, BodoniStd-PosterItalic.otf, CariolaScriptStd.otf, CentaurMTPro-Bold.otf, CentaurMTPro-BoldItalic.otf, CentaurMTPro-Italic.otf, CentaurMTPro-Regular.otf, CharterITCStd-Bold.otf, CharterITCStd-BoldItalic.otf, CharterITCStd-Italic.otf, CharterITCStd-Regular.otf, Chicory.otf, ClarendonBTPro-Black.otf, ClarendonBTPro-Bold.otf, ClarendonBTPro-Light.otf, ClarendonBTPro-Roman.otf, DINNextLTPro-Bold.otf, DINNextLTPro-BoldItalic.otf, DINNextLTPro-Italic.otf, DINNextLTPro-Regular.otf, DINNextSlabPro-Black.otf, DINNextSlabPro-Light.otf, Eclat-Regular.otf, Litterbox.otf, MalabarLTPro-Bold.otf, MalabarLTPro-BoldItalic.otf, MalabarLTPro-Italic.otf, MalabarLTPro-Regular.otf, NeueHaasUnicaPro-Black.otf, NeueHaasUnicaPro-Bold.otf, NeueHaasUnicaPro-BoldItalic.otf, NeueHaasUnicaPro-Italic.otf, NeueHaasUnicaPro-Regular.otf, NeueHaasUnicaPro-UltraLight.otf, Pokerface.otf, SchmutzPro-Clogged.otf, Scooter.otf, ShelleyScriptLTPro.otf, Smile-Medium.otf, StempelGaramondLTPro-Bold.otf, StempelGaramondLTPro-BoldIt.otf, StempelGaramondLTPro-Italic.otf, StempelGaramondLTPro-Roman.otf, TitaniumMotorsStd-Oblique.otf, TitaniumMotorsStd-Regular.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-Bd.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-BdIt.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-It.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-Rg.otf, UnitSlabOT.otf, UnitSlabOT-Bold.otf, UnitSlabOT-BoldItalic.otf, UnitSlabOT-Italic.otf, WilliamLucasStd.otf
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