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Lucida® Sans

By Monotype

Lucida is a family of fonts with one basic design, but offered in two variations. It has both serif and sans serif characters. Lucida is suitable for books/text, documentation/business reports, posters, advertisement, multimedia.

The Lucida Font Family is an extended family of fonts designed by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes in 1985. This family of fonts was designed specifically for medium and low-resolution digital printers and displays. The Lucida Sans Font is a family of the sans-serif variants of the Lucida Font Family designed to complement the Lucida Serif fonts. It includes Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Typewriter and Lucida Sans Unicode.

Lucida Grande and Lucida Sans Typewriter were both replaced by Lucida Console on the Microsoft Windows system. The Lucida Sans Unicode was designed in 1993 and was the first Unicode encoded font. It shipped with the Microsoft Windows NY 3.1 system.

The Lucida Sans DemiBold font is used in the Apple Mac OS X operating system and in the program Front Row. The even lettering style makes it an ideal font for the fine lettering in directories and is widely used in parts lists, business correspondence and newsletters. The open strong design makes it ideal for faxes, low resolution printing and reversed-out half-tones. It is also widely used in a variety of office documents. A TrueType version is provided free with the Microsoft Office Value Pak.

Lucida Sans is a popular font for websites and can be found on Zenhabits, Mashable, Lifehacker, CrunchGear and Thinkprogress blog sites. Of the top fifty blog sites surveyed by, 24% used a form of Lucida Sans font on their sites.

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