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M XiangHe Hei® SC Pro

By Monotype

The M XiangHe Hei Simplified Chinese typeface merges traditional brush strokes with modern letterforms to carefully balance traditional calligraphy with humanist design. Named for the smooth movements of a flying crane, the M XiangHe Hei typeface is designed to glide across the page, and features strokes that are partly derived from the Kaishu calligraphic style – an everyday script which dates back hundreds of years. Seol Sans features Neue Frutiger for its Latin glyphs, and works harmoniously with Neue Frutiger World and Monotype’s CJK typefaces Tazugane Info (Japanese) and Seol Sans (Korean). M XiangHe Hei is a great choice for global brands using sans serif Latin typefaces looking to maintain their visual identity, and communicate with a consistent tone of voice with Simplified Chinese.

Sans Serif
Humanistic Sans