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Soho® Gothic

By Monotype

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Sebastian Lester

Most typefaces have a comfort zone of sizes where they work best. The Soho Gothic® design, however, is at home in all sizes. From the very thin to ultra, the Soho Gothic design conveys the same message: a crisp energetic celebration of life. It is a design that can be used as the branding font of a global corporation or in simple neighborhood newsletter.

Creator Sebastian Lester has created several custom fonts for specific clients of Monotype Imaging while working as one of their lead designers. Working on his own time outside of the design studio, Lester developed the Soho and Soho Gothic typefaces. His goal was to combine both aesthetic and functional quality in a single typeface family.

One of the challenges in modern media is retaining legibility across a variety of media. With endless variations on how and where consumers are reading, the challenge of a typeface that can be read easily while also conveying a mood is a critical. With the Soho Gothic design, Lester achieves what he calls, “Effortless Modernity.” The lines of the typeface are precise, with a fluid character that conveys a mood of celebration.

At times, the designer thought he wouldn’t complete this project and often asked himself why he started the project in the first place. The Soho Gothic font family is large, and represents a huge commitment to the craft.

Designed between 2004 and 2007, the Soho Gothic design was not just a revision of the earlier Soho font family. All characters were drawn again, with Soho in the forefront to ensure compatibility between the two font families.

Soho Gothic Extends Selection of Soho Fonts from Designer Sebastian Lester
Soho Font by Sebastian Lester

The Soho Gothic family includes Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, and Ultra. Each of these can be Soho Gothic is more subtle—there’s no mistaking the characters and words since the font is highly legible. Distinguishing characteristics of Soho Gothic are the corners of capital letters such as ‘A’ and ‘V,’ being precise and simple. There is also a horizontal emphasis on lowercase ‘a,’ ‘g,’ and ‘s.’

Total Guitar® magazine uses the Soho Gothic design on a regular basis, much to the delight of the designer.

It is also the primary communications font of Swix Sport AS®, a sport apparel company headquartered in Norway.

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