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By Monotype

Paulo Goode
Paulo Goode

Sqwared is a square sans serif type family... with flares! This typeface has a retro, hand-painted quality – the slight flaring of its verticals evoke the steady brush of a signwriter. Sqwared benefits from large, open counters and a generous x-height that aids clarity and legibility, while a wide footprint gives these fonts a degree of stature and an air of confidence. Each character was drawn while immersed in a late sixties/early seventies vibe, but there’s no reason why Sqwared can’t be used for your contemporary designs.

There are 16 fonts altogether, ranging from Thin to Ultra weights in both roman and italic. It has a Latin character set that covers all Latin European languages.

Sqwared will dazzle in headlines, add flair and distinction to your logo designs, bring flamboyance to your branding material, and your body text will most definitely be unique!

Variable fonts are included in this family, so you can tune the weight of each font to your exact preference.

Key features:

  • 8 weights in Roman and Italic
  • Old Style Figures included
  • Full European character set (Latin only)
  • 440 glyphs per font.

Sans Serif
Square Sans