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Tazugane Gothic Variable

By Monotype

The first original Japanese typeface in Monotype's history is the Tazugane Gothic typeface family. This sans serif type was designed to set a new standard for the widely used styles most familiar to Japanese readers. It's goal is to meet the diverse typographic needs of the present day, including use in magazines, books and other print media; in digital devices such as smartphones and tablets; in branding and corporate identity systems; and in signage for buildings, highways and mass transit.

Designed by Akira Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Yamada and Ryota Doi, the Tazugane Gothic typeface is an original take on the humanistic style that balances the look of traditional Japanese handwriting with a distinctly human flavor that supports stability and readability. The Tazugane Gothic typeface was expressly created to complement the classic Latin typeface, Neue Frutiger, in a natural but adaptable manner for a wide range of applications where Japanese and Latin texts can be used side-by-side seamlessly. The Tazugane Gothic typeface has 10 different weights, from Ultra Light to Extra Black.
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