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Tazugane® Info

By Monotype

Designed for the demands of on-screen use, Akira Kobayashi and Ryota Doi's Tazugane Info typeface is a clean-cut counterpart to Tazugane Gothic – Monotype's first original Japanese typeface. It's been created for horizontal setting, which is particularly useful for smartphones, information panels and car navigation systems – which don't rely on the traditionally vertical typesetting used in novels, newspapers and magazines in Japan.

“Kana symbols we use today developed before the 9th century from traditional letters written vertically; some characters are designed lengthwise and when set horizontally they create large gaps,” explains Kobayashi.

As well as meeting a need for typefaces that work horizontally, Tazugane Info offers more of a geometric and restrained appearance than the humanistic personality of its Tazugane Gothic counterpart. Emphasis has been put on horizontal strokes to create a smooth, uninterrupted flow

“While Tazugane Gothic fits perfectly when your job requires an organic and friendly tone of voice, Tazugane Info provides a more solid look,” says Kobayashi. “I hope that having two options will make it easer to choose an appropriate tone of voice to convey information or brand messaging.”

Tazugane Info is available in 10 weights, and includes the complete set of kanji and latin found in Tazugane Gothic.