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Theatre Antoine

By Monotype

Luiz Da Lomba
The Toulouse-Lautrec collection of fonts, designed by Luiz Da Lomba, is a tribute to the late French post-impressionist painter, lithographer and illustrator, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901). The challenging task presented to the designer was to create entire alphabets from just a few sample letters of Toulouse-LautrecÆs most famous posters. The feeling the designer was trying to convey was one of brush strokes on canvas, to match Lautrec s post-impressionist style. These fonts capture the mood and time of Paris in the 1890s and work very well in advertising and display setting. The Toulouse-Lautrec Ornaments represent typical images from the era, saved as key-strokes that can be stroked and coloured for use in poster designs or as borders.