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Tipperary™ eText

By Monotype

Steve Matteson
Tipperary was designed by Steve Matteson and named for a favorite 'single track' bike trail, Tipperary is a monoline Humanist Sans Serif typeface. The clear, open, letter forms curve abruptly in an almost squarish geometry much like the sharp turns on the Tipperary trail. The clear, austere forms offer exceptional legibility for both interface designs and extended reading. Small size package labels and crisp branding programs benefit from Tipperary's emphasis on clean, readable design. eText typefaces are designed to meet the challenges of extended reading in digital environments such as mobile devices or desktop screens. Their forerunners are among the world's most popular and important book typefaces for print media. These classic designs were reinterpreted to conform to technological constraints of LCD and e-Paper while retaining the properties of proportion and form which made them favorites for print.
Sans Serif
Humanistic Sans