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By Monotype

Emilios Theofanous

New from the Monotype Studio’s Creative Type Director, Emilios Theofanous, Touvlo – meaning brick in Greek – is an homage to London and the view from his studio window. A zestful, modern interpretation of a classic genre, Touvlo skillfully captures the spirit of early British grotesque typefaces through playful terminals and lively curves.

Touvlo offers an array of styles, from clean uprights to characterful Italics, and exuberant Backslants. Its regular upright weights are optimized for long text, with prominent and visible vertical contrast, creating rhythm and texture for comfortable reading. The Italics are designed to be visibly distinct, with narrower proportions and calligraphic shapes, offering brightness and emphasis wherever needed. The Backslants are an unexpected and energetic addition, providing an element of surprise while following similar design choices as the Italics, packing a particular punch.

With a total of 24 weights in 3 styles across 3 variable fonts, Touvlo’s variety adds flavor in any use case, and can withstand complex typographic layouts or unexpected and peculiar settings. Touvlo’s weights range from Thin to Black, giving it an expressive edge for headlines. Its lyrical Drop caps are the finishing touch, featuring exquisite birds and creatures inspired from ornaments found in type specimen books.

Touvlo’s spirit is radiant; becoming more than a voice; a reimagining of a classic genre and a must have for every designer's typographic palette.