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Veto® Sans

By Monotype

Marco Ganz

Veto Sans® is both highly legible and handsomely distinctive – a rare blend in a typeface.

It’s a design that stands out and fits in. Veto Sans is equally competent on screen and in print. It’s four carefully determined weights in both normal and condensed proportions, each with an italic complement, give the family an exceptionally deep range of applications. All the designs in the family are valuable design tools. None are superfluous.

Advertising, brand, corporate, editorial and interactive design are all in Veto Sans’ wheelhouse. It also shines in wayfinding and other signage projects. And to all these, it brings a warmth and personality. An ample x-height, open counters, vertical stroke endings and subtly condensed capital letters enable Veto Sans fonts to perform with grace in print and digital environments while being space efficient. An added benefit is that all-capital typography set in Veto Sans is not only space saving, it’s also easy to read.

Drawn as a complete reimaging of his earlier Veto design, Swiss designer Marco Ganz worked to create character shapes distilled to their purest forms while maintaining a relaxed and natural demeanor. Ganz, who is also a three-dimensional artist, is acutely aware that the negative space between letters and the internal space within letters is as important as the positive shape of the letters themselves. This dynamic balance between the negative and positive aspects of character forms gives Veto Sans a sense of immediacy without looking hurried. Ganz also took great care to draw a suite of italic designs that not only complement the roman weights perfectly, but also give the family a dynamic verve. A large international character set also ensures ease of localization. “Veto Sans,” says Ganz, “is a typeface for designers that search for a new and different solution to age-old typographic challenges.”

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