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Konstantina Louka

Greek Signature Font Talonica

The Greek Signature Font Talonica is a signature decorative font with which you can achieve a hand-lettering style. Talonica is a multilingual lettering font with Greek (of course), Latin characters, and diacritics. Supports all European languages. This signature style is perfect if you want to achieve a modern-looking graphic design project. In addition, this font has a really nice flow so you can also use it in a larger body of text. It can also be used on social media content, for branding or packaging applications.

Also, this is the ideal typeface for organic product wine branding and packaging. You can use it to create logotypes with character and natural flow. Additionally, you can use its romantic vibes for wedding invitation designs. Especially if you are looking for a handwritten font for Instagram quote posts or any other social media content, this signature typeface is for you!