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Neue Vektor CNC

By Neue

Alexander Roth

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neue Vektor CNC is engineered, not designed. The family draws inspiration from the engravings one can find on German industrial goods such as drills, ball-bearings, nameplates and all kinds of infrastructural plaques. neue Vektor CNC is part of the neue Vektor type family which promises an identical character set, number of styles and OpenType functionalities. Drawn slightly narrower and with rounded stroke endings it is the go-to type family to convey an industrial, non-design look and feel: be it for identities, apps or packaging scenarios. Though quite austere in its character neue Vektor CNC has a friendly face for determined but kind communication.

neue Vector CNC comes in seven weights — ranging from Thin to Bold — with matching italics. Each font file includes no less than 17 Stylistic Sets giving access to alternative letter shapes (I, a, j, l, t, y, &) and a multitude of arrows (circled, boxed, triangular in positive and negative).

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