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By Nootype

Nico Inosanto
Dorica is a serif font family optimized for small sizes. It is very sober and simple, with a classic appearance at first sight but the curves and details like the serifs make it very different. The name is inspired by Doric, the simplest of the three orders of organizational systems of ancient Greece. The large x-height makes it perfect for use in magazines and every context which calls for text in small sizes. Dorica comprises 14 styles, from Thin to Black with their corresponding italics. Each font includes small caps, very useful for books, plus OpenType features such as proportional figures, stylistic alternates, tabular figures, numerators, superscript, denominators, scientific inferiors, subscript, ordinals, fractions and many ligatures. The extended character set supports Central, Eastern and Western European languages. The range of styles provides great flexibility for both text and titling, and the ligatures make for an original and creative appearance.
Clarendon Serif