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By Okaycat

Luke William Turvey

This font has 2 styles in one keyboard layout! There is a solid style, and an outline style. The capital letters match the small-case. The capitals are all solid letters, while the small-case are the same, but an outline version. Same with your numbers, there is 2 styles (Outlined hollow numbers, or press shift and a number to get it's matching solid version). Common punctuation marks, brackets, etc., are included too, in both styles (There's even a hexagonal euro and dollar sign). To make these characters easier to find, repeats are spread throughout your alternate keys. The two styles can be used together, nicely complimenting each other. Hive Mind is NOT appropriate for important business presentations, lengthy novels, or anything you want to be an easy read. Use this font anywhere you want to create a funky look or need to be cryptic... Have fun with it!