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Lolo City

By Okaycat

Luke William Turvey

Ready to release your inner urban planner? Next time you need to lay out some buildings for an illustration, use LOLO City. The concept for LOLO City originates partly from my childhood, spending many hours playing a city simulation game, and also from my schooling -- which included architectural drafting and civil engineering studies. The building designs themselves are largely from my imagination -- but much inspired by architecture seen in my travels around Canada, America, Thailand, and Japan. The zoning of LOLO City is easy to remember, so you won't get lost in its streets: Small Letters (a-z): Light Residential(a-m), Light Commercial(n-t), Light Industrial(u-z) Capital Letters (A-Z): Dense Residential(A-M), Dense Commercial(N-T), Dense Industrial(U-Z) Digits, Shift Digits & Punctuation: random extras, small utilities (cars, trucks, traffic signals, park bench, etc.) Whenever you need a prefabricated city design --- think LOLO City!