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EraMax 123

By Our House Graphics

EraMax 123 is a multi-layered (stacking) geometric sans serif, meant to be set BIG, for large, colourful statements. It's the perfect face for packaging, posters & branding, where a strong, colourful voice is needed... Did I mention posters? The "Max" in EraMax comes from the ultra bold weight, but also, and mainly as a tip of the hat to Peter Max, the great designer and artist who created so many images which have come to be iconic of the sixties and seventies, who's bold gradient effects in some of his posters were the inspiration behind the dotted and striped layers.

This face has a vintage look that truly stands out in a retro setting, but also has a modern flavour that lends it the flexibility to work well in a more contemporary context.

This is the second of what is to be an extended family of typefaces based on the original hand painted signage found in the T. H. & B Railway station in Hamilton Ontario, a classic Art Moderne building, designed by the New York architectural firm of Fellheimer and Wagner for the Toronto Hamilton and Buffalo Railway line and completed in 1933. in 1933.