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The family Perec pays tribute to the genius of Georges Perec, and it is formed by 3 subfamilies: —Perec, a sensitive sanserif grotesque, including 15 text fonts: romans, italics, and small caps declined in five weights. —Perec Ludique, a display series, including four fancy fonts: Ludique Cubes (a 3D font for crosswords puzzles); Ludique OncleJacques (tribute to a jeweller); Ludique Pochoir (an unconventional stencil); and Ludique Scripte (an informal script whith some nostalgia feeling, including many alternate glyphs, elegant ligatures, swash sorts, and full contextual programming). —Perec Lunatique, a contemporary spirited, rounded sanserif subfamily of 15 roman, cursive and smallcaps fonts for text and display use. Because it is a sanserif, Perec is a versatile sanserif and it can be used at a wide range of applications. It has a more delicate spirit than that of a normal grotesque, so it is more appropriate for big sizes where elegance and flair are a priority. On the other side its strong resistance and counters' openness make it very legible at small body sizes. Its smooth color texture and range of weights from SuperBlanca to SuperNegra allow for a pleasant reading experience.