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PF Ornamental Treasures

By Parachute


Ornamental Treasures is a very special series of font families never before released.
This is a form of artistic expression which was developed between the 9th and 15th century at the centers of the Byzantine civilization. The majority of Byzantine art is represented with wall paintings, mosaics, iconography and illuminated manuscripts. Unfortunately, these historic treasures were kept from the public eye for centuries. Following an extensive research, Parachute unearthed these treasures and created an unprecedented series of ornaments with great interest to designers, architects, scholars, artists, researchers and students. An attempt was made to create a series which works equally well for historic as well as contemporary applications.

Furthermore, each package includes up to 9 fonts (layers) per glyph, which enable the user to create with an unlimited combination of colors in any program, without converting glyphs to outlines. Additionally, several glyphs connect with each other to form banners, frames and exquisite backgrounds. It comes with a comprehensive guide which explains how to handle the ornamental fonts in seconds.