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Aldine 401

By ParaType

Aldine 401 is a Bitstream version of Bembo type family. It was designed on the base of artwork of Francesco Griffo for Aldus Manutius. Originally the font appeared in “De Aetna” in 1495 — the book by Pietro Bembo about his journey to Mount Etna. Griffo’s design was one of the first old style typefaces followed by Garamond. It was the forerunner for the standard text types in Europe for the next two centuries. A modern version of Bembo was designed at Monotype under the supervision of Stanley Morison in 1929. Aldine 401 is still very popular in book design due to its well-proportioned classic letterforms and lack of peculiarities. Italic was based on the handwriting of Giovanni Tagliente. Books and other texts set in Aldine 401 can encompass a large variety of subjects and formats because of its classical beauty and high readability. Cyrillic version was developed by Isabella Chaeva and released by ParaType in 2008.

Old Style Serif