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ITC Stone Sans

By ParaType

Vladimir Yefimov

ITC Stone Sans was designed in 1988 by Sumner Stone as a part of ITC Stone super-family, an extended family of designs including three sub-families: Serif, Sans, and Informal. To succeed, all of these designs had to interrelate with each other perfectly and still be able to stand on their own as distinctive typestyles. All they have the same cap height, the same lowercase x-height, and the same stem weights. ITC Stone Sans is a modern version of the humanistic" sans-serif font reminiscent such faces like Gill Sans, Kabel, and Syntax. The design has a moderate but visible contrast in stroke weight, large x-height, and slightly condensed proportions. Terminals are clipped at right angles to the stroke like in Syntax. The family consists of three weights plus matching italics. The fonts are very legible and create a modern, dynamic impression. ITC Stone Sans range of applications is virtually limitless. Fine books, annual reports, restaurant menus, business correspondence, corporate identity programs, movie credits and advertising campaigns have all been set with various faces from the family. Cyrillic version was developed by Vladimir Yefimov and released by ParaType in 2011."

Sans Serif
Humanistic Sans