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By ParaType

Vasily Biryukov

Romanovsky is the font developed on the base of samples from the catalogue of Osip Lehman foundry in Sankt Petersburg. Original Latin design that was used for Romanovsky can be found in Feder Grotesk by Jacob Erbar. Current digital font is not a scanned version of Lehman’s samples but newly drawn typeface that differ from the original in many details. Romanovsky is a sans serif typeface with narrow proportions and noticeable contrast. It will be good for headings and display matters. Character set covers languages of Western and Central Europe and Cyrillic based languages. It also contains around 20 ligatures of uppercase letters for the most frequent combinations. Designed by Vasily Biryukov. Bold weight was developed together with Olexiy Volochay. Released by ParaType in 2013.