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Titla Brus

By ParaType

Oleg Karpinsky

Font family Titla Brus was developed as an extension of Titla, released earlier in 2009. New slab serif family consists of 20 members the normal and condensed proportions that present 6 weights from Light to Ultra. The fonts can be used in combination with Titla or by itself in different display matters. Typefaces demonstrate original and catchy way of using serifs -- in some places there are traditional slab serifs, in other places -- one-sided and often there are no serifs in the places where they normally should be. This approach brings to the letter shapes an unusual appearance and peculiarity. Design was developed by Oleg Karpinsky. Released by ParaType in 2011--2013 at first as a set of ten condensed styles and later in extended version enhanced by ten normal styles.

Slab Serif