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Carrig Pro

By Monotype

Paulo Goode

Carrig Pro is a refined and elegant serif. Classed as an Antiqua, Carrig Pro is born from [or borne by] a hybrid of influences that range from early Roman inscriptions to type of the Pre-Modern era, giving Carrig Pro a distinctive character all of its own. Carrig Pro will appear instantly familiar and friendly and could well be the perfect typeface for designers seeking to convey a message with a distinctive and prestigious air. Now a 12-font family, Carrig Pro (2017) is an extended version of Carrig (2015), it has been completely redrawn, revised and improved. Carrig Pro has many useful features for typographers to exploit, such as easily accessible small caps, discretionary ligatures, gadzooks and stylistic alternates, as well as a number of ornamental glyphs. See more here.

Key features:

  • 6 weights in roman and italic
  • Small Caps, Ornaments, Alternates, Historic Characters, Ligatures and Gadzooks
  • Full Latin character set
  • 750 glyphs per font.
Old Style Serif