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By Monotype

Paulo Goode
Ergonomique is a humanist sans serif typeface that has been designed to be efficient and comfortable to use across all applications. Ergonomique’s personality is defined by its spurless lowercase glyphs – the stems are truncated and blend into their adjoining arcs, as can be seen in the a/b/d/m/n/p/q/r/u characters. Ergonomique is ideal for branding and display purposes, but also performs well as body copy if you’re seeking a unique style for your text. With its nine weights and complementing italics, Ergonomique is highly versatile, especially when you consider that there are small caps and old style figures included, along with a Latin Extended character set. Key Features: • 18 font family – 9 weights in Roman and Italic • Small Caps, Ligatures, with Proportional, Old Style, and Small Cap figures, plus Fractions, Numerators, Denominators, Superiors, and Inferiors • Full European character set (Latin Extended) • 800+ glyphs per font.