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By Monotype

Paulo Goode
Paulo Goode

Evoque is a humanist serif type family designed for both text and display purposes. Its appearance is crisp and modern while echoing a classical Garamond heritage. The inspiration for Evoque came after reminiscing over Apple’s advertising of the eighties and nineties that utilised incredibly tightly-spaced headlines set in Apple Garamond. I wanted to create a typeface that evoked nostalgia of those times and that distinctive typographic style.

A number of swash alternates and discretionary ligatures enhance Evoque, giving you the opportunity to add more flair and personality to your title and branding designs. Simply activate Stylistic Sets to start adding these flourishes to your typography.

Other useful features include Small Caps at the click of a button, and Old Style Figures are an option to the default proportional figure style.

There are 36 fonts altogether, with 6 weights in roman and italic from Thin to Heavy weights across Condensed, Narrow, and Regular widths. Evoque has an extensive character set (900+ glyphs) that covers every Latin European language.

Please also take a look at Evoque Text which is specifically designed for the publishing sector.

Key features:

  • 6 weights in both roman and italic
  • 3 widths – Regular, Narrow, Condensed
  • 80 Alternates
  • 26 Ligatures
  • Small Caps
  • Full European character set (Latin only)
  • 900+ glyphs per font.
Old Style Serif