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By Monotype

Paulo Goode

Yolk is an Eggcentric Sans Serif Typeface consisting of nine weights in both roman and italic. Essentially, this is a geometric sans typeface that has been inspired by the shape and proportions of an egg. With its bottom-heavy glyphs, Yolk has an unusual personality – it’s not too awkward to be off-putting, and it’s not too uniform to be associated with the myriad of generic geometric sans fonts that are available. Yolk has a distinctive presence in its upright form, while the italics exude a more flamboyant nature. When combined, your typographic results will be pleasing and perhaps a little quirky too. This 18-font type family achieves a good balance of personality, versatility, and usability. Small Caps are available at the click of a button, then add Stylistic Set 1 to achieve Petite Caps. The petite caps harmonise with the regular lowercase forms, so that you can create unicase-style typography too. All Latin-based languages are covered within the 1000+ glyphs of each Yolk font. Key Features: • 18 font family – 9 weights in Roman and Italic • Small Caps, Petite Caps, with Proportional, Old Style, and Small Cap figures, plus Fractions, Numerators, Denominators, Superiors, and Inferiors • Full European character set (Latin Extended) • 1,000+ glyphs per font.