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By Plau

Rodrigo Saiani

A typeface for telling stories. After seven years through which Rodrigo Saiani worked on Dupincel, Plau’s team still had months of dedication until found a good way of summing up this typeface. All this effort was rewarded, though, when we came up with a motif that gave Dupincel the grandiosity it deserves.

Telling stories is this typeface’s gift because it has the emotion for it, resources for it and the breadth for it. Like all that wasn’t enough, it has the scale for it: optical sizes Small, Medium and Large make Dupincel optimized for stories of every length. From short stories displayed big or long stories on small letters.

We don’t want to dictate the types of stories either, anything goes. But if ornaments make a good fit with that story, we will be even more thrilled. In the end, Dupincel makes us want to find new stories to tell.

Old Style Serif