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Bigticy is a typeface with a "new-retro" feeling. Its square outline is tempered by rounded angles. This makes it suitable for a large range of applications in the domains of magazine headlines and posters.

The Narrow version has been drawn from a title found in an example (dated from the 50’s) of the French newspaper "Le Dauphiné Libéré".

For the Maxi style, I have tried to reduce to their minimum the inner white spaces. I had in mind those amazing stone walls that one can see in the antique Inca cities in Peru. The stones are so tightly joined that it is impossible to slip a sheet of paper between them.

The Plain version is an interpolation of the two other ones. It is a very useful style since I keeps the main quality of each parent: the weight of the Maxi and the narrowness of the Narrow.

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